1. How to participate in the competition?

To participate in the competition it is necessary to create an account on the meatifashion.com site
Then, by uploading your creation on the site, you participate automatically in the current competition.

2. When I can participate in the competition?

We organize permanemment competitions. You can participate when you would like.

3. With what types of image can I participate in the competition?

You can participate in the competition with a creation which you realized. The accepted formats of image are the following ones: png, jpg, Minimum JPEG pixels: 1200X1200
You can modify the size of your image on lunapic.com

4. How much I win with a selected creation?

In case of selection you win 100 euros TTC by creation and 10 centimes of euro TTC by validated vote. The payment is made by Paypal.

5. Is there any participation fees?

No, the participation in a competition is free. 

6. How goes Méati Fashion to distinguish my creations of those of the other creators?

Your name will be printed on every product by the following way: Méati by "user name", so make attention in your choice of your user name. Méati Fashion will communicate this name on all the advertising elements also.

7. I changed my mind and I want no more that my drawing in competition. May I cancel my participation?

You have 24 hours to think. To cancel your participation, you can send us an email to the following address: concours@meatifashion.com. Beyond 24 hours your participation will be confirmed and actual.

8. I deleted my account what happens with my drawings?

The winning creations stay in the property of Méati Fashion and immigrate towards the account of meatifashion. The not selected drawings belong to you. You can ask to delete them of the site by sending an e-mail to the following address: concours@meatifashion.com either the creations stay on our database.

9. What happens with my deleted account?

Your all personal informations will be completely deleted by the meatifashion.com site

You have other questions? Send them to the following address: info@meatifashion.com